Somalia: Ambulance Workers

Nov 8, 2023 | Environmental, Lifestyle, People, Videos

In Mogadishu, a unique and remarkable project is helping to save lives amidst the chaos of violence. Spearheaded by Dr Abdulkadir Adan, a Somali dentist, this free ambulance service is staffed mainly by volunteers and serves as the city’s only such service.

At a time when violent attacks are an ever-present threat in Mogadishu, the ambulance service provides vital assistance to those in need. With limited resources and a lack of state-funded support for emergency services, this project is helping to fill a critical gap for those living in the area.

Dr Adan’s volunteer team consists of doctors, nurses and technicians who bravely put their own safety at risk in order to help others. Despite limited resources they have managed to keep the ambulance service operating for several years now, providing important medical attention when it is needed most. In spite of the dangerous conditions they face every day, their dedication and altruism remain unwavering.

The story of this incredible mission has recently been documented in a feature-length movie titled Mogadishu Ambulance. The film offers an up close and personal view into the lives of Dr Adan and his team as they go about their vital work on a daily basis. It also highlights some of the challenges that come with managing such an ambitious project under extremely difficult circumstances – something that few other emergency services could even aspire to do.

For anyone looking to gain further insight into this unique humanitarian effort or simply to be inspired by Dr Adan’s commitment to saving lives despite all odds, watching Mogadishu Ambulance is highly recommended.

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David B