Snowdrops from Georgia

Nov 23, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

In the remote mountains of Adjara, Khatuna Jakeli braves harsh terrain every spring to collect wild snowdrop bulbs. For her, they are not just pretty flowers, but a means of survival. The Caucasus provides 22 million snowdrops to the Netherlands each year, generating a lucrative business. Yet, Khatuna sees little of the profits.
Award-winning journalist Juri Rescheto brings you an intimate documentary shedding light on the lives of those at the heart of this fascinating industry. From the snow-filled peaks of the Caucasus to the bustling flower stores of Europe, immerse yourself in Khatuna’s journey and discover the complex ecosystem of the global flower trade. Don’t miss the revealing story of “Wildflowers and Market Forces,” airing soon on your favorite channel.

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David B