Slovak pensioner blogs against neo-Nazis

Dec 17, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

In Slovakia, one in five people is believed to support right-wing extremists who use social media platforms like Facebook to recruit new members with manipulated videos and articles that spread insidious propaganda against Jews, Roma and refugees. But Ján Benčík, a Slovak pensioner and outspoken blogger, is not giving up without a fight. He is taking on the neo-Nazis head-on, using his digital voice to combat the hateful rhetoric and win back hearts and minds.
Third Person is a powerful documentary that follows Jan’s personal story and his fight against the spread of neo-Nazi thought in Slovakia. By focusing on the personal experiences of someone standing up to hate and bigotry, this film is both an inspiring call to action and a warning against the pernicious danger of far-right extremism.

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David B