Mar 6, 2024 | Videos

Sirius (2013) is an eye-opening documentary that follows the journey of Steven M. Greer, MD to uncover hidden secrets surrounding top secret energy projects and propulsion techniques. Based on Dr. Greer’s book, Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge, the documentary provides insight into what many consider to be one of the most controversial topics in modern times: Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and extraterrestrial visitation.

The film features interviews with government and military whistleblowers who provide chilling testimonies suggesting that the United States government is actively covering up incriminating evidence about UFO sightings and encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Among these pieces of evidence are images and a DNA analysis of a six-inch being known as the Atacama humanoid that was found in the Atacama desert in northern Chile in 2003.

This documentary has been praised by viewers for its deep dive into this controversial topic while providing evidence of possible governmental cover-ups. It also attempts to give a more objective take on UFOS and extraterrestrial beings by allowing viewers to make their own conclusions based on what they see in the film. For any viewer interested in learning more about this subject or wanting to delve into one of the most mysterious aspects of our universe, Sirius (2013) offers an entertaining and informative experience that is sure to leave them questioning much more than what they thought was real before watching it.

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David B