Siberia, on the Road to the Gulags | Deadliest Journeys

Aug 12, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

The M56 highway, also known as the “Highway of Life” or “Highway of Hell,” is a 1200-kilometer road that cuts across Siberia. This long stretch of road serves an essential purpose to the people living in the North of Siberia: it connects them to distant cities and allows for vital supplies such as food, drink, and materials to be delivered year-round.

But the history and conditions of this highway are daunting – it was built by prisoners between 1925 and 1964 who were sent to gulags in Eastern Russia during Stalin’s regime and never heard from again. The surface is composed of thousands upon thousands of rough rocks which can tear up even the most durable car tyres. Driving through this highway means suffering from dust, mud, vibrations, and merciless blizzards that can easily flip a truck over.

One such journey is documented in an upcoming documentary about 3 truck drivers travelling 1200 kilometers on the M56 to reach Yakutsk – one of the most remote cities in Russia. Among them is Igor (42) who has three days ahead of him; his goal being to deliver his load of beer at all costs! This documentary follows their arduous journey on this treacherous road and captures stories that have been unheard until now.

This documentary provides a unique insight into life in far-flung parts of Russia and sheds light on stories largely untold before now. All adventurous souls who seek insight into an alternate reality should watch this mesmerizing story unfold before their eyes!

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David B