Setting the Stage | “Married to Death”

Oct 25, 2023 | Crime, Videos

For over three decades, 48 Hours has been a leader in investigative crime and justice journalism. Featuring stories that explore the human experience, from greed to passion, the show has brought cases to light that have changed lives forever. From exonerating innocent people wrongfully convicted of crimes to reopening cold cases and bringing them to resolution, 48 Hours is both an inspiring storyteller and an intrepid truth-seeker.

48 Hours has made a profound impact on the criminal justice system since its premiere in 1988. By putting faces and stories to those caught in the grip of the criminal justice system, 48 Hours seeks to change attitudes and behaviors for the betterment of society as a whole. The show’s relentless pursuit of truth has led to convictions overturned in court, new evidence being unearthed in unsolved crimes, and long-awaited closure for those who have lost loved ones.

For anyone looking for an inside look into how crime plays out in real life, or just want to be inspired by stories of justice served, 48 Hours is a must-watch documentary series. With its riveting storytelling and commitment to uncovering facts no matter how difficult they may be to get at, it will undoubtedly leave viewers with a greater appreciation for humanity—and all our struggles—than when they began watching.

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David B