Senegal – Paris to Dakar

Jun 23, 2023 | Religion, Travel, Videos

Their names are Ibrahima, Coumba and Bakary. Born in France to Senegalese parents and raised with a rich cultural heritage, they have decided to make the same journey as their parents – but in the opposite direction. By travelling to Senegal, Ibrahima, Coumba and Bakary are making a difference in Africa – establishing businesses and giving back to their communities.

The French-Senegalese diaspora is an important part of this story. In recent years, more and more French people with Senegalese roots have made the journey to Senegal; a place that they may have only known through childhood holidays spent there. The documentary ‘Making Africa: A Return Journey’ captures this incredible story – showing how Ibrahima, Coumba and Bakary are helping to shape Africa’s future.

With its stunning visuals and heart-felt interviews with locals journeyers like Ibrahima, Coumba and Bakary, the documentary paints a vivid picture of life in modern day Senegal. It also looks at how individuals can make positive changes – both on an individual level and for society as a whole. Viewers will be inspired by what these determined young people are doing to help build a better future for themselves and their communities.

The documentary brings together personal experiences alongside archival footage from historical documents about migration across Africa from the 19th century onwards – creating an emotional connection between past events and contemporary journeys. It is a powerful reminder of why it is so important for us all to come together – wherever we come from – if we want to create lasting change in the world around us.

We invite you to join Ibrahima, Coumba and Bakary on their return journey – watch ‘Making Africa: A Return Journey’ today!

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