Senegal and France: Allies?

Jun 6, 2023 | Media, Social, Videos

Senegal is a pivotal nation in the West African region, characterized by relative peace and stability compared to its neighbor, Mali. The country has long relied on France as its primary partner since colonial times, but recently other nations have been jostling for influence within Senegal. China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Indonesia and the United States have all sought to increase their presence in the country in recent years.

This dynamic situation is explored in great detail in ‘Power Play: Senegal’s Election’, a powerful documentary that delves into the complexities of how different countries are vying for power and influence in Senegal. The documentary shows how these powers are influencing local politics and culture while also focusing on the stories of grassroots activists fighting to preserve traditional values.

The film offers an up-close look at how international relations shape everyday life for those living in Senegal. It is an incredibly powerful exploration of politics and culture that should be seen by anyone looking to gain a better understanding of global affairs. Viewers will gain insight into how nations pursue regional objectives and learn more about the struggles of those who call Senegal home.

If you’re looking for an engaging way to learn more about world affairs, Power Play: Senegal’s Election is a must-watch documentary that will leave you enlightened and inspired. This thought-provoking film offers an enlightening perspective on geopolitics through a unique lens that will surely pique your interest.

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David B