Secrets of the Samurai Sword

  • Published 6 years ago
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Samurai warriors had the most fearsome and lethal weapon of all time, the razor sharp katana.

Made from a specialized Japanese steel, the katana was used by samurai of Feudal Japan. The distinctive appearance is what makes the katana special weapon. Its curved, and slender look makes the single-edged blade one of the most fearsome weapons in history. The grip can be circular or squared, with a long grip to accommodate two hands.

The beauty and lethality of the blade became identified with the culture of the samurai warriors. English archers might have had their longbows and Old West sheriffs had their six-guns, but the katana is the most fearsome of them all.

Western historians all agree that the katana is the finest cutting weapon in world military history. In this documentary, historians and Japanese people explain all the mystery and secrets surrounding the katana. 

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