Secrets of the Antarctic: Admiral Byrd's Expedition, 1939-1941

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Nowadays, we know much more about the Antarctic than we knew 100 years ago. The Antarctic is a popular topic among scientists in past years, but it hasn’t always been like that.

Admiral Richard Byrd was among the first explorers of the Antarctic. For his contributions, the Admiral has received the Medal of Honor, the highest honor for valor given by the government of the United States.

Richard Byrd was a pioneer in more than one ways. He was the first to lead an expedition to the Antarctic, but the Admiral was also one of the first people in the United States to individually finance an expedition with the help of some businesses.

The Secrets of the Antarctic documentary takes the viewers in the Second Antarctic Expedition. Take a look at the journey, as well as young Richard Byrd.

During the Second expedition a number of “firsts” were accomplished by Byrd and his crew. The expedition managed to examine the first seismic investigations in Antarctica, transmit human voices for the first time from Little America. One of the most prominent discoveries, however, was the first time that a cosmic ray and meteor observations were taken in such high southern latitudes.

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