Secrets of Big Foot - Will we Ever See the Mythical Creature?

  • Published 7 years ago
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Rarely photographed, never seen. More than any other creature in the world, Big Foot has captivated the attention of millions of people.

A team of five top scientists using latest technology and their expert knowledge, questions the bare existence of Big Foot. Is he real? Does he exist? What do we know about him? Will we ever see him in flesh?

The team finds out shocking new evidences, and asks the question, “Have we been searching for the wrong creature all along”? Join them in the ride! This is the definitive guide to Big Foot!

As one of the scientists says it, “Animals are very good in evading humans. They are in their nature environment, and we, as humans, are the intruders”. The team of scientists believe this is the reason why we might never find Big Foot and unveil the mystery of the nearly mythological creature.

The team analyzes other species, mainly apes, to see how they hide and camouflage them in the environment. One example, a breed of apes, has been tracked for several years. And even though local people talk about them for ages, scientists have found them out just few years ago.

In the end, the team of scientists narrows down the search for three potential suspects. Is any of them Big Foot? Find out!

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