Secret History of the Euro

Oct 27, 2023 | History, Videos

The Euro is one of the most ambitious experiments of pooling of sovereignty ever attempted, binding 19 countries together. In two decades, it went from zero to the world’s second reserve currency after the Dollar.

Award-winning Italian-British film director and journalist Annalisa Piras tells the story of the Euro from the perspective of their creators, but not without analysing the flaws, defects, missed opportunities and dangers for the future. She paints the most complete picture ever made of something that is more than a currency, but a symbol for unity and peace for some, and a curse for others.The creation of the Euro was one of the most ambitious experiments in history, binding together 19 countries in a shared currency. Over the course of two decades, this currency went from an idea to the world’s second reserve currency, following only the mighty US Dollar. But with such a monumental achievement came flaws, missed opportunities, and dangers for the future.

Award-winning Italian-British filmmaker and journalist Annalisa Piras presents a captivating and informative documentary on the Euro. Through a unique blend of perspectives, Piras tells the story of the Euro from the viewpoint of its creators, delving into its history and exploring the currency’s successes and failures, opportunities taken and missed. In doing so, she presents the most comprehensive picture of the Euro to date, showing how it has become much more than a currency – a symbol of unity and peace for some, while a curse for others.

What strikes one immediately is the sheer scope of the project. The Euro was envisioned as a way to unite Europe and strengthen its economy. Yet, as Piras shows, the path to adopting a common currency was fraught with difficulties. The documentary delves into the key moments and decisions that shaped the Euro, exploring its history from its very beginnings through to the present day.

But this documentary is no mere recitation of facts. Piras injects life and passion into her narrative, providing details and insights into the personalities and politics that shaped the Euro. She presents compelling interviews with key figures, providing an insightful glimpse into the inner workings of the Eurozone. The result is a truly well-rounded picture of a project that galvanizes people across Europe and beyond.

With the future of the Eurozone still up for debate, Piras cautions that there are still challenges ahead. But her documentary offers a thoughtful and insightful analysis of the currency, allowing viewers to explore its past, present, and potential futures. For anyone interested in finance, politics, or European history, this documentary offers a rare and fascinating look at one of the most compelling experiments of our time. So why not join Annalisa Piras on an exploration of the Euro – and experience the power and significance of this symbol of hope and unity.

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