Seattle is Dying

Feb 24, 2024 | Drugs, Social, Videos

As Seattle continues to experience unprecedented growth, one Seattle news station has asked the question: Is the city dying? KOMO’s Eric Johnson ventured out into the streets of Seattle to ask citizens about their feelings of safety and protection. Their answers were shocking.

Across all ages, gender and race, people reported feeling a seething, simmering anger that is now boiling over into outrage. Many expressed concerns that they no longer feel safe in their own neighborhoods or heard by those in power. These are real issues that every Seattle resident needs to be aware of, and Johnson intends to bring these voices into spotlight through his upcoming documentary on KOMO.

Johnson’s documentary looks at the changing landscape of Seattle and how growth can lead to displacement for many vulnerable communities. He provides a unique perspective on the consequences of unchecked development and asks powerful questions about whether current policies are doing enough to protect citizens from harm.

The documentary will also look at other cities across America who have experienced similar issues with gentrification and displacement, revealing how this is a nationwide issue. By connecting people’s stories from around the country, Johnson hopes to create an understanding among viewers about the importance of taking action against systemic injustice in order to protect our communities from further harm.

We urge everyone in Seattle – as well as those interested in learning more about urban development – to watch Johnson’s powerful documentary as it airs on KOMO later this year. By joining together in standing up for what’s right, we can ensure that our cities remain safe places for all who call them home.

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David B