Scotland: Is the desire for independence growing?

Jul 9, 2023 | Political, Videos

From the city streets to the remote countryside, Scotland is divided over the issue of independence. With the country in the grips of an economic crisis, many Scots have turned to nationalist First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, hoping for a way out. But others blame the Scottish government for their struggles.
Against this backdrop, musician Neil Mackay is organizing large-scale demonstrations in favor of leaving the UK. He’s not alone – thousands of people gather to support the cause, picketing and protesting against Westminster. Meanwhile, single mother Sandra MacPherson struggles to make ends meet in Scotland’s harsh winter, and wonders who is to blame for her situation.
As the debate rages on, the UK Supreme Court rules that a new referendum can only take place with British government approval. But the issue of independence remains divisive, much like the recent Brexit vote. In “Third Person,” we examine the complex and often emotional arguments on both sides of this critical Scottish issue.

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David B