Schools for Afghanistan – a project in peril

Nov 8, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Afghanistan is experiencing surging violence, and international aid workers are fleeing the country in record numbers. But despite the danger, some aid workers are risking their lives to stay and do good. Enter Peter and Annemarie Schwitteck, a German couple who have dedicated their lives to improving girls’ education in Afghanistan. Their NGO, called OFARIN, has been establishing schools for girls in the country since 1998. By working with local mullahs and other community leaders, they have managed to win the support of the population for their groundbreaking project. Now, however, their work is in jeopardy. Funding for OFARIN has dried up due to security concerns, and the future of their schools is uncertain. Will Peter and Annemarie be able to save their life’s work and continue helping the children of Afghanistan?
The documentary “Third Person” tells the gripping story of the Schwittecks’ struggle to keep their dream alive in the midst of chaos and bloodshed. Through interviews with Peter and Annemarie, as well as extensive footage shot on location in Afghanistan, the film takes viewers on a harrowing journey into the heart of a country on the brink of collapse. In addition to providing an intimate portrait of two remarkable humanitarians, “Third Person” also offers a searing indictment of the international community’s failure to protect the gains made in Afghanistan over the past two decades. This is a film that will leave viewers both inspired and outraged, and that will help to shine a light on the urgent need for continued support for the people of Afghanistan.

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David B