Saving abused animals – Dog rescue in Turkey

Oct 29, 2023 | Animals, Videos

In the majority-Kurdish city of Mardin, eastern Turkey, lives a man on a mission: Hasan Kızıl. His ultimate goal in life is to help disabled cats and dogs regain the freedom of movement. Knowing that many of these animals are often put to sleep, Hasan sees this as a cruel and unnecessary act. He is determined to make a change, and he has already made a significant impact in his community.
The people of Mardin call him “Hayat Tamircisi,” which translates as “one who can repair a life.” In his hometown, Hasan builds custom animal prosthetics and walkers that enable injured or abused animals to walk once again. And he does so free of charge. His work has touched the hearts of many, and a documentary report by Gunnar Köhne seeks to tell the inspiring story of how Hasan Kızıl has become an animal advocate and savior of many lives.

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David B