Sartre: The Road to Freedom

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Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre was born on June 21st in 1905 and died on April 15th in 1980. He was a French playwright, philosopher, political activist, novelist, literary critic and a biographer.

Sartre was one of the prominent figures in phenomenology, philosophy of existentialism, Marxism and French philosophy in the 20th century.

His work was also influential in the fields of post-colonial theory, sociology, literary studies and critical theory, and continues to influence these disciplines. Sartre was also known for being in an open relationship with Simone de Beauvoir, a prominent feminist theorist.

He was awarded the 1964 Nobel Prize in Literature but refused it, saying that he always declined official honors and that "a writer should not allow himself to be turned into an institution".

He was given the Nobel Prize in 1964 for his literary work; however, he rejected it, stating that he generally declined honors in this manner and that "an essayist ought not permit himself to be transformed into an establishment".

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