Russia’s support for EU opponents

Oct 7, 2023 | People, Political, Social, Videos

In a joint investigative report by Deutsche Welle and France 24, concerns about Moscow’s alleged clandestine efforts to influence European Union states’ elections and other processes become anything but abstract. The documentary delves deep into this issue and reveals surprising connections between the Kremlin and far-right groups in the West. Notably, right-wing parties have been found receiving loans from banks with ties to the Kremlin.
As the European elections loom, this report has taken on new urgency. The filmmakers trace the trail through several European cities to hunt down the alleged connections between Moscow and far-right groups. Right-wing activists across the continent stand accused of promoting Russian interests in their respective nations.  The documentary paints a sobering picture of a possible concerted effort to undermine democracy in the European Union countries.

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David B