Russia’s forests under threat

Sep 13, 2023 | Environmental, Nature, Social, Videos

In the depths of the taiga forest lies the world’s largest boreal forest, emitting 1.3 billion tons of oxygen annually into the atmosphere. Yet, this crucial source of oxygen is under distress caused by global warming and logging. Fires and deforestation have already claimed millions of hectares, and the fate of the taiga hangs in the balance.
A documentary team, comprising of environmentalists, climate scientists, and members of indigenous communities, sets out on a journey to take the pulse of the taiga. With cutting-edge technology and advanced scientific tools, they aim to analyze the ecological health of the forest, and its potential impact on the world’s climate if not protected. Join them on this epic expedition, as they traverse through the sprawling taiga in a race against time, to unravel the secrets of the largest boreal forest on Earth.

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David B