Russian exiles and the war in Ukraine

Aug 3, 2023 | Activism, Military/War, Political, Videos

“Third Person” is a gripping documentary that sheds light on the experiences of Ukrainians and Russians fleeing the war that rages between the two nations. The film portrays the plight of civil rights activists, like Olga Romanova, who have been forced to leave their own country in fear of their safety. Against a backdrop of a clampdown on freedom of expression, the documentary shows how individuals have had to fight to ensure their voices can still be heard.
The narrative of the documentary is emotionally charged, as it tells the stories of individuals like Lev Vladov, who fear for their lives after expressing criticism about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The film is a stunning exploration of the courage required to speak out against corrupt leaders and oppressive regimes, and the price that people pay for their freedom. “Third Person” is a must-see for anyone interested in activism, politics, and the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

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David B