Roving Mars

Nov 1, 2022 | Science, Videos

Mars is nearest Earth’s planetary neighbor, and for decades scientists have been curious about the red planet called, asking if there might be life there, how its soil and terrain is different from ours, and if the water can be found. While sending a manned space mission to Mars has been considered outside the scope of the U.S. space program in 2001, the National Aeronautics and

Space Administration approved a mission to send two rovers to Mars – wheeled robots that send images and data to Earth.
An intensive two-year program resulted in two robotic rovers (Spirit and Opportunity are called) to be sent to Mars, which have given scientists and researchers on Earth a new vision of what the planet really is.
Roving Mars is a documentary that offers a detailed look at the people behind the Mars Rover program, how the machines were built and what they can do, and what has been learned since arriving at their destination. Roving Mars was shot and originally exhibited in the form of high-definition IMAX film.

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Riyan H.