Ross Kemp on Gangs: Jamaica

Feb 17, 2024 | Drugs, Lifestyle, Videos

In the vibrant city of Kingston, Jamaica, lies a much darker side that is hidden from many. Ross Kemp travels to this murder capital of the world to uncover the truth behind its notorious gangs. Historically, these gangs have been aligned with both Jamaican political parties, but now are engaging in a violent turf war fueled by drugs and revenge. This has led to an even more dangerous generation of young gang members who are taking their aggression to a whole new level.

The documentary series follows Ross Kemp as he takes viewers deeper into the criminal underworld and reveals the shocking stories behind some of Jamaica’s most notorious gangs. He interviews key players in the conflict and brings their stories to light while exploring how this deadly feud began and what it means for everyday citizens living among these warring factions. The documentary showcases never-before-seen footage of life on the streets in Kingston and provides an up close look at how violence has changed over time in this Caribbean city.

Though it may be difficult to witness firsthand what is really going on in Kingston, watching this gripping documentary is one way to gain insight into gang life without actually being there. Taking a trip inside Jamaica’s worst neighborhoods can be eye opening and educational for those interested in understanding why crime has run rampant in this beautiful country for so long. If you’re looking for a way to learn about Jamaica’s dark underbelly or just want an exciting film experience, Ross Kemp’s exploration of Kingston’s gangs offers an amazing opportunity to do both!

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David B