Romania: Fipronil – the hidden threat

Dec 13, 2023 | People, Videos

Not all stories belong to us. Sometimes, the stories belong to the places they happened in, the people who lived them, and the struggles that surround them. Third Person is a documentary that takes us to the heart of such a story, in a remote part of Romania, where a dangerous disinfectant continues to be produced.
This is the story of beekeepers in the Romanian village of Puiesti, whose colonies died suddenly, killing their livelihoods. It’s also the story of the people who are fighting for justice against a pesticide name, fipronil—one that has been known to cause Colony Collapse Disorder, a deadly disease that has spread through beehives worldwide. And ultimately, it’s a story that speaks to the power of not just one beekeeper, but of a community that refuses to be forgotten, and the consequences that arise when their environment is ignored.

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David B