Roger & Me

Feb 15, 2024 | Economics, Social, Videos

Roger & Me is an award-winning documentary film by filmmaker Michael Moore. It tells the story of Flint, Michigan, a small city that was once home to General Motors car factories, and paints a vivid portrait of the devastating effects caused by the shuttering of these factories when Roger Smith was appointed CEO.

The documentary portrays how 30,000 people in Flint were suddenly unemployed as a result of Smith’s decisions, while 80,000 more have lost their jobs since then. Moore goes on to explore some of the implications for those affected by the closure of these plants – from food banks struggling to keep up with demand to families driven into homelessness because they can no longer pay their rent.

But what makes Roger & Me so powerful is its focus on how some individuals in Flint are rising above their circumstances and fighting back against injustice. Moore interviews those who refused to accept defeat in the face of economic disaster and instead did something about it – launching boycotts and protests which ultimately led to real change in city policies.

The power behind this film lies not only in its exploration of what happened in Flint but also in its ability to inspire viewers with stories of courage and endurance in spite of overwhelming odds. By watching this poignant documentary, viewers can gain insight into how one person’s actions can have wide-reaching effects – as well as how even seemingly insignificant acts have the potential for positive transformation on both a personal and communal level. For any viewer looking for inspiration or an understanding of the human cost behind corporate decisions, Roger & Me is essential viewing.

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David B