Robbo vs Banksy: Graffiti Wars

Feb 15, 2024 | Art, Videos

King Robbo is a mysterious figure in the world of counter-culture art, one whose work has been largely forgotten but is now being reexamined thanks to a recent documentary. His work was painted illegally and he remains at large to this day, preferring to keep his identity hidden from authorities.

In contrast, Banksy’s street art has gained international fame and success, with celebrities endorsing it and authorities looking the other way. This stark difference between how Banksy’s art is accepted while King Robbo’s is criminalised speaks volumes about the ever-present battle between graffiti and street art.

Recently, the two artists have been linked together in an unexpected way when King Robbo committed an act that shocked the graffiti community. The story of how these two mysterious figures – each with their own unique style – have become intertwined forms the basis of a new documentary: ‘The Art Of Conflict‘.

This documentary takes viewers on a journey through two different worlds: one of illegality and secrecy (aka King Robbo) and one of celebrity and acceptance (Banksy). It sheds light on this ongoing battle for freedom of expression as seen in street corners all over the world, exploring topics such as legalisation, commercialisation, politics and even crime. The film brings together interviews with influential figures like Shepard Fairey and Blu along with never before seen archive footage to reveal more about these two enigmatic figures’ lives.

Fans of counter culture art or anyone interested in learning more about the power of graffiti should definitely watch ‘The Art Of Conflict’, available now on digital platforms worldwide. This remarkable documentary offers an insight into a world rarely seen by outsiders, revealing untold stories about creativity vs conformity and freedom vs restriction that are sure to stay with viewers long after viewing.

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David B