Right-wing populists ahead of state elections

Nov 4, 2023 | Activism, People, Political, Social, Videos

Nick Kedzierski is a successful martial artist from Chemnitz. He’s against xenophobia and finds it hard to deal with the fact that many in the martial arts scene in his city tend to support the far right. He’s had plenty of controversial discussions with his grandparents, who feel uneasy about the number of asylum seekers in the city. In the aftermath of a stabbing incident that resulted in tensions between the far-right groups and law enforcement in Chemnitz, Nick Kedzierski talks about his experience living in the city and how the political discussions have grown harsher over the year.
The political unrest in Chemnitz since the stabbing incident has been making headlines around the world. Many feel that the story was exaggerated by the media. But what’s the truth behind the story? In the upcoming documentary “Third Person,” Daniel Andreas Sager takes a closer look at the events surrounding the incident and explores the perspectives of the people who are living in Chemnitz during these politically turbulent times.

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David B