Richard Dawkins: Faith School Menace?

Dec 30, 2022 | Social, Videos

The number of religious schools in the UK is increasing. About 7,000 publicly funded schools – one in three – now have a religious affiliation.

As the coalition government paves the way for further education based on faith through the promotion of “free schools”, the famous atheist and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins says that the teacher is enough.

In this film passionately argued, Dawkins invites us to reconsider the consequences of education in the faith, which he said, parents are cheating and doctrine, and divides the children.

The film features robust exchanges with former Secretary of State for Education, Charles Clarke, head of the Church of England Reverend Education Services Janina Ainsworth, and the President of the Association of Muslim Schools, Dr Mohammed Mukadam.

It also has views of child psychologists and the main actors in the education of faith and ideas from both parents and students.

Dawkins also draws on his own personal history as a parent, arguing that the government should stop funding new faith schools, and urges society to respect the child’s right to freedom of belief.

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Riyan H.