Rhine and Danube: Two Rivers, Two Europes

Oct 4, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The Rhine and the Danube have been uniting Europe for centuries. These two rivers are the longest in the European Union, with their waters stretching from the North Sea to the Black Sea. They form a vital link through some of Europe’s most iconic places, and together they tell a unique story of European history.

The remarkable documentary series, Mapping The World, delves into this story in amazing detail. From its source in Germany, to its delta on the Romanian coast of the Black Sea, viewers experience the incredible journey of these two rivers as they bring life and change to those who live along them.

We get to witness firsthand how people living by the banks of these rivers work together, interact and even benefit from their presence. We also gain insight into some of their greatest challenges such as water pollution or human-induced climate change.

Mapping The World is a fascinating exploration of one of Europe’s most important geographical features. It looks at how our relationship with these rivers has deepened over time, from being used for transportation to now providing fresh drinking water and serving as sources of energy production. By taking us on this journey we can truly understand why these two rivers are so vital for Europe’s prosperity and identity.

Don’t miss out on your chance to watch Mapping The World! Experience a sweeping adventure that will reveal the true wonder lying beneath these long-standing rivers of Europe – it’s an essential viewing experience!

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David B