Rethinking capitalism

Jul 24, 2023 | Economics, Social, Videos

As society pushes forward, the Purpose Movement gains traction: entrepreneurs who prioritize a company’s values above profits. These innovators work to ensure that a company remains focused on their mission, and that shareholders cannot withdraw profits, leading to the creation of socially and environmentally responsible businesses.
This documentary explores the Purpose Movement, with interviews and stories from company founders and CEOs. The film focuses on Christian Kroll, the founder of search engine Ecosia, who decided to use profits for planting trees instead of personal wealth. We also hear from Armin Steuernagel, founder of the Purpose Foundation, who encourages entrepreneurs to build “purpose companies.” The foundation even helped establish Hamburg’s Wildplastic, which creates garbage bags from recycled material. Finally, Michael Hetzer from German family-owned company Elobau discusses his decision to leave his business to a foundation model, ensuring his sons wouldn’t be burdened.

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David B