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Sep 15, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The Chilean Atacama Desert is home to the world-renowned “Atacama Large Millimeter Array Observatory (ALMA)”. At an altitude of 5000 meters above sea level, amid the desert’s serene expanse, astronomers find ideal conditions for observing the universe. The telescope is the world’s most significant and can see an incredible ten billion light-years, taking you right to the edge of the observable universe!
The Chajnator plateau, home to the ALMA telescope’s 66 antennas, offers an extraordinary astronomical view. From observing stars being born to understanding the cosmos’ evolution, this site offers unparalleled research opportunities. However, the area presents challenging working conditions. Low oxygen levels, fluctuating temperatures from 20 degrees Celsius above zero to -20 degrees Celsius below zero, and powerful winds make working conditions on the plateau extremely challenging.
To maintain and adjust the world’s most powerful and sensitive telescopes, teams have to transport the antennas to different locations. This is no easy feat! The sensitivity and value of the 50 antennas make relocating them a major effort that teams must accomplish within an 8-hour timeframe.
But there is a reason why viewers are encouraged to watch the documentary on this subject. The task of relocating the antennas is handled by two transport machines – “Otto” and “Lore” – like no other machines in the world. Designed and developed specifically for the task at hand, these monsters are 20 meters long, 10 meters wide, and 6 meters tall. They both have two 680-horsepower diesel engines that drive them, ensuring millimeter precision work, even with the 100-ton antenna mounted on top. Exciting stuff, right?
Watching the Mega Transport documentary is more than an educational experience. It is a journey that allows viewers to witness firsthand how German science and technology contribute to various fields worldwide. Follow Alfredo and his team’s inspiring endeavors to relocate one antenna with the high-tech equipment and engineering marvels made in Germany!
So sit back, prepare to be amazed, and learn from the world’s most incredible telescope transport endeavor in Mega Transport: Telescope.

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