Reforesting Senegal

Oct 6, 2023 | Environmental, Videos


The African nation of Senegal is facing a dire situation due to deforestation, drought, and population growth. In an effort to combat these challenges, the nonprofit organization Nebeday has set out an ambitious goal of planting 1.5 million trees in 2022 – a feat that they hope to accomplish with the help of local village children.

The threat of deforestation in Senegal is not new; however, the rate at which it is occurring continues to increase. The effects of this rapid deforestation have been devastating, leading to desertification, soil erosion, and worsened water shortages throughout the country. To help combat these issues and restore the land back to its natural state, Nebeday has tasked itself with planting 1.5 million trees over the next two years.

To make their goal a reality, Nebeday will be enlisting the help of local village children in each region where they will be planting trees. These young people are essential for this project as they will provide labor while also learning valuable skills about conservation and environmental restoration that will continue to benefit them throughout their lives.

If you’re interested in learning more about this incredible project, you can watch Nebeday’s upcoming documentary which dives into their mission and showcases how local village kids are helping make it all possible. The movie provides a unique perspective on how sustainable solutions can emerge from even the most troubled regions and reveals much needed hope for an area on the brink of ecological disaster. Tune in today and witness how one organization is making a real difference!

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