Reconnecting: A Digital Divide

Feb 9, 2024 | Social, Videos

Over the past year, a documentary was produced about the digital divide and the value of community access to the Internet and information technology within Halifax, Nova Scotia. This documentary features nine C@P sites located in the city, and provides an engaging look at how technology has become increasingly commonplace yet highly important in our everyday lives.

The importance of community access to the Internet is highlighted throughout this film as it reveals how these sites bridge gaps when it comes to providing online services that may not be available otherwise. The film looks at various C@P sites located around Halifax, and focuses on their creators’ efforts in providing valuable resources for their respective communities. Through interviews with local leaders, business owners, and citizens alike, this documentary offers insight into how access to the Internet can be used for education and economic gain.

From empowering entrepreneurs with business know-how to helping individuals connect with job opportunities, this documentary reveals just how much access to the Internet can benefit those who are part of marginalized communities. Viewers will find themselves inspired by stories from people who have found success thanks to a combination of hard work and technological resources they wouldn’t have had access to without a C@P site nearby.

If you’re interested in learning more about digital divides and what can be done to bridge them using technology, this insightful documentary is worth a watch. With its creative commons footage and inspiring stories from local citizens, this film offers an intriguing look into how far we’ve come in terms of information technology – but also serves as a reminder that there are still many who don’t have access or knowledge needed for success today. Don’t miss out – watch this documentary now!

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David B