Rebels With A Cause

Feb 8, 2024 | Social, Videos

REBELS WITH A CAUSE is an incredible documentary that delves into the sweeping socio-political changes of the Sixties. It follows the rise and fall of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), tracing its genesis from 1960 when it was just a handful of people sharing lofty ideals, to its dissolution in 1970 due to internal conflict and government counterintelligence crackdowns.

The documentary captures the passion and spirit of the movement with evidentiary footage, as well as powerful contemporary testimony from key SDS members such as NPR commentator Juan Gonzalez, Senator Tom Hayden, and writer/professor Todd Gitlin. Through archival footage and interviews with these influential figures, viewers get an intimate look at what drove this generation to take up activism in pursuit of political change.

Rebels With a Cause serves as an important reminder of how civil disobedience can bring about positive social change. It is also a poignant reflection on the consequences and risks that come with challenging authority — some SDS members faced jail time for their actions while others formed groups like The Weather Underground which used more militant tactics in their fight against injustice.

This thought-provoking documentary offers an enlightening perspective on the values and motivations behind one of America’s most turbulent eras in history — one which ultimately ended up transforming our nation forever. For anybody looking to gain deeper insight into this critical period in US history, REBELS WITH A CAUSE is essential viewing!

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David B