Raw Food Diet: Good, Bad, Should You Try it?

Jul 3, 2022 | Food/Drink, Health, Videos

Some people call it “cavemen” diet, because of the fact that our ancestors, the cave people were eating raw food. Back then, before the invention of fire, our ancestors eat whatever food they found raw, without addition of any spices.

Several thousands of years after the cavemen, people are now getting back to raw food, or raw foodism as some call it. In the past few years, consuming raw food has become the newest trend and buzz word in the world of diets.

The main selling point of the raw food diet followers is that by cooking, especially with unhealthy oils, we consume food that is harmful for our health. The goal, according to them, is to eliminate the unhealthy oils and processed foods from our diet, and consume food as we find it.

The knock on food on raw food diet, on the other hand is that by consuming raw food, individuals don’t get the required nutrients and enough calories to promote healthy growth and life.

There are variations of the raw food, including vegan, vegetarian and raw animal food diet. In some of the variations, people also consume processed foods such as yogurt, kefir and similar. However, in every variation foods that are pasteurized and homogenized are forbidden.

That being said, this documentary takes a look at several studies, pros and cons of the diet, and in the end, you’ll be able to answer the simple questions: “Is Raw food diet something you should try”.

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Riyan H.