Rave in Riyadh – Women and the bassline

Sep 13, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

There are three young women at an electronic music festival: MDLBeast, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia — and the region. In attendance, are hundreds of thousands of music fans and more than one hundred DJs, including Dorar and Solskin. They used to party underground before the scene was deregulated. Now, in their mid-twenties, they are exploring their new-found freedom — which causes some tension between them and their parents. For the women, it’s an exciting time. But did the royal family implement these changes primarily for economic growth or as an attempt to rebrand its image? That remains to be seen. A report by Vanessa Juercke.
Third person is a documentary that follows the journey of three Saudi women in the music industry as they navigate new-found freedom in a rapidly changing kingdom. The film showcases the first-ever electronic music festival in Saudi Arabia featuring more than one hundred DJs, including headlining acts Dorar and Solskin. The film explores the women’s personal stories, the tensions between them and their parents as they embrace their new identities, and the broader socio-political implications of the kingdom’s changing attitudes towards women. Join Vanessa Juercke on this eye-opening journey of self-discovery, resilience and the power of music to unite people across cultural divides.

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