Ramanan Laxminarayan: The coming crisis in antibiotics

Feb 3, 2023 | Drugs, Health, Lifestyle, Medicine, Social, Videos

Professor Ramanan Laxminarayan graduated at Princeton, and for the past several years he has worked as Vice-President for Research and Policy at the Public Health Foundation of India.

But his main focus is to help people understand drug resistance. Being an economist, Ramanan firmly believes that economy is what drives this around. Follow the path of the money if you like.

But drug resistance is something we have to take into consideration. Truth be told, we have become addicted to drugs and antibiotics. Just try to answer the following question: when you are sick, let’s say common cold, do you reach for antibiotics first, or for some natural remedy?

Many of us reach for the former. And while there is nothing wrong in taking antibiotics, over time, we develop resistance to certain drugs. As a result, our body does not react to antibiotics as it used to. Because of that, we must look for new ways to reduce our drug resistance and addiction to antibiotics. Check what Professor Laxminarayan has to say on the subject.

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Riyan H.