Racism in the UK

Aug 25, 2023 | Activism, People, Social, Videos

Actor and activist Imarn Ayton claims that the UK government is only trying to placate protesters by convening an anti-racism commission, which she says won’t lead to effective policy making. She argues that many commissions have already recommended ways to secure the rights of non-white Britons, but their proposals have yet to be put into practice. Ayton’s hope is that the anti-racism protests will lead to significant policy changes, prompting Britain to finally take an honest, hard look at its colonial past.
In this documentary, DW’s Birgit Maass accompanies Ayton through a week of protests, providing an insider view of the anti-racism movement and the activism that drives it. Capturing Ayton’s passion for social justice and her quest to hold the establishment accountable, the film sheds light on the ongoing struggle for racial equality in the UK.

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David B