Quick Guide to the Physics of the Atomic Bomb

Nov 30, 2022 | Military/War, Science, Videos

Nuclear weapons have been used only two times in history of mankind. Both times, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Japan during the World War II. Since then, nuclear weapons have been subject of many international conflicts. For example, Iran has been heavily criticized for production of nuclear weapons, with the country signing a treaty in 2015 agreeing to reduce the production of nuclear weapons.

That being said, how do nuclear weapons work? Do you understand how the physics behind the atom works? Atoms are so small, that one can astound at the damage an atom can do.

This documentary video is trying to explain how nuclear devices work, the engineering and construction of nuclear weapons, and how these devices derive their energy from nuclear reactions. There are two ways a nuclear weapons or nuclear devices can derive energy: fission or combination of fusion and fission.

To understand them, you need to understand what fission and fusion actually are. Luckily, the educational video does excellent job of helping people understand the mechanics and physics behind nuclear weapons.

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Riyan H.