Queen Nefertiti: The Most Beautiful Woman

Oct 26, 2022 | Beauty, History, Videos

Egypt never produced such beauty. Her name, Nefertiti, means “The Perfect One”. An Egyptian queen, Nefertiti was most famous for her beauty, and for her bust, which is now in Berlin’s Neues Museum.

Nefertiti and her husband were responsible for a whole new religion in Egypt, reigning in what was arguably the wealthiest period in the history of Ancient Egypt.

Her face was immortalized in several Egyptian’s temples and pyramids, and scientists and archaeologists nowadays still look for secrets of her beauty.

The documentary focuses not only on her beauty, but also on the conspiracy theories surrounding her death. Before 2012, all theories suggested that Nefertiti disappeared like a mirage, with no record of how and when she died.

However, in 2012, a discovery in a temple in Egypt showed that Nefertiti was alive for more than archaeologists believed previously.

The long history of scientists looking for Nefertiti tomb came to an end, but the journey to the end was long and filled with unsuccessful attempts. Check the video to find out the truth about Egypt’s most beautiful woman.

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Riyan H.