Pyromania is a fascinating yet disturbing topic that has been explored in the documentary film, Pyromania. This film follows individuals who have an unhealthy fascination for fire, from children who play with fire to serial arsonists whose actions have devastating consequences.

John Orr was one of these serial arsonists and is believed to be responsible for setting over 10,000 fires throughout the Los Angeles area during the 1980s and 1990s. “Bob” is another arsonist profiled in the documentary; he is currently serving three life sentences in a mental institution with no hope of release. Through following these individuals and their stories, viewers are able to gain insight into the motivations behind such dangerous behavior.

The documentary also dives into what drives people to set fires for reasons other than revenge or profit – namely, a love of fire itself. It takes viewers on a journey into the psychology and motives of these pyromaniacs, providing an eye-opening look into this unique phenomenon.

If you’re looking for an interesting and thought-provoking documentary that offers an inside look at pyromania, then Pyromania is definitely worth watching. With its chilling accounts of past events as well as its exploration into human nature, it’s sure to keep you captivated until the end credits roll.