Putin: Nostalgia for Empire

Jul 6, 2023 | Culture, Lifestyle, People, Social, Technology, Videos

Russia has long viewed the former Soviet republics as part of its sphere of influence, often referred to as its ‘near abroad’. Through the documentary Mapping the World, viewers are given a glimpse into how the Kremlin has attempted to maintain its presence in these countries and what this means for regional security and stability.

The documentary focuses on Russia’s attempts to control or sway politics in these former Soviet states. It examines not only the macro-level strategies that have been deployed by Russia, such as economic sanctions and gas pipelines, but also looks at more subtle methods like diplomatic efforts, media manipulation and cyber warfare. This allows viewers to gain a better understanding of the complex power dynamics between Russia and its neighbors and gives insight into how current events are shaped by an increasingly powerful Moscow.

In addition to exploring Russian policy initiatives, Mapping the World also goes deeper to examine how they have impacted individual citizens in the region. From a young Ukrainian woman whose life was changed by her country’s revolution to an elderly Belarusian man who still remembers living under Soviet rule, their stories provide valuable insight into how people have experienced life since the fall of communism.

Mapping the World is essential viewing for anyone seeking an in-depth understanding of both modern geopolitics and the history behind it. With interviews from political experts as well as everyday citizens, this documentary offers a rare perspective on a region that continues to be deeply affected by Russia’s geopolitical ambitions. By watching Mapping the World, viewers will gain an appreciation for how complex these issues are and what implications they may have for our world today.

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David B