Puerto Rico after the storm

Nov 4, 2023 | Environmental, Social, Videos

The Puerto Rican village of Salinas, once popular with tourists because of its beautiful beaches and restaurants, was almost completely destroyed by Hurricane Maria in September 2017. The hurricane claimed several lives, and 90% of the island still has no electricity, while around half of the population lacks running water. Salinas residents, most of whom have no electricity, water, or working telephone lines, are now living in a school building. They have no idea how long they will have to stay there. The local phone network and infrastructure are severely damaged, which has slowed down the delivery of aid supplies to the area.
But the people of Salinas are determined to rebuild their village. They are trying to do so with the help of the mayor and a few other local survivors. Reporter Carolina Chimoy, on a special mission, visited the area and gathered stories of people who spent months living amid the ruins. Carolina’s stirring accounts, full of compassion and grit, form the basis of her unique documentaries, “Losing Everything: Puerto Rico After the Storm” and “Still Waiting for Aid: Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria.” These documentaries give viewers an up-close look at the devastation left in the wake of the hurricane, as well as the unwavering determination of the people of Salinas to start their lives anew.

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David B