Protests in Lebanon: Christina has had enough

Sep 30, 2023 | Economics, People, Political, Social, Videos

The documentary “Lebanon’s Powerful Women” takes us to the heart of the Beirut protests, where women are leading the way for change. Among them is Christina – a student who is at the forefront of the demonstrations that demand political and economic reforms in a country plagued by corruption.
While religious sectarianism has divided Lebanon for years, protesters like Christina are putting their faith in unity, marching side by side with people of different faiths. However, the path to progress is far from easy, and Lebanon’s political elite are not going down without a fight. As the protests escalate, Christina and other women take on the front-lines, positioning themselves between demonstrators and police, all while advocating for peace in a country that desperately needs it. “Lebanon’s Powerful Women” is a powerful reminder that even in the most challenging times, the women of Lebanon refuse to be silenced and will continue to fight for a better future.

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David B