Project Camelot: Aerospace top secret craft

Feb 1, 2024 | News, Political, Technology, Videos

Michael Schratt, an aerospace historian, has investigated and documented several top secret aircraft projects. His research has taken him across the world, meeting with individuals from NASA, the Department of Defense, as well as civilians. His interviews have revealed an astonishing array of evidence on classified projects and anecdotes that are sure to captivate even those who are not interested in military aircraft and unidentified flying objects.

Schratt’s discoveries are truly remarkable and have been featured in a documentary entitled Project Camelot. This documentary offers viewers an inside look at Schratt’s investigations, providing them with a unique insight into unknown craft and their capabilities. What’s more, the film features interviews with renowned scientists exploring the implications of these mysterious crafts on modern aviation technologies.

Project Camelot is must-see viewing for anyone interested in aviation history or uncovering truths buried within our skies. By delving into Michael Schratt’s incredible research, this documentary presents a fascinating account of humankind’s fascination with flight and its hunt for greater knowledge about our universe. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about some of man’s greatest secrets – watch Project Camelot today!

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David B