Professional gaming, a way of life

Mar 10, 2023 | Gaming, Videos

Gaming competitions started 42 years ago, when the first tournament started in 1972 called “Intergalactic space war Olympics”, after that Atari launched their Space Invaders Championship in the 1980s, with over 10,000 participants. This was only the beginning of a global occupation of the gaming culture.

When Electronic Sports (Esports) was launched in the 1990s it all began to grow, the tournaments for different genres of games and the response for these competitions was huge. In the year 2000, Esports already achieved the growth to organize World tournaments with participants from all over the globe. Offering grand money prizes and subscriptions to different sites and products that are made for gamers.

Today they are the largest organization in gaming covering the most played games online and organizing the biggest world tournaments in gaming. The most competitive games today are League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, with over 100,000,000 players worldwide.

In this documentary, you will see the journey of professional gamers and their way of life, how they fight to reach the top on the Dota 2 tournament. This will show you the dedication to their profession and the risk of becoming a professional gamer.

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Riyan H.