Prison State

Jul 30, 2023 | Social, Videos

The devastating reality of the United States’ over-incarceration is brought to light in a new documentary, which shines a spotlight on America’s prison system and its overcrowded cells. The US has the highest prison population in the world – of the 10 million people currently incarcerated worldwide, 2.3 million are held in US prisons, amounting to more than a quarter of the global total. But this figure doesn’t even include those who are awaiting trial or sentencing in city jails, nor does it take into account parolees or detainees held in immigration detention facilities – all of whom add to the staggering size of America’s prison population.

The documentary centers around interviews with incarcerated inmates, formerly incarcerated individuals, criminal justice reform activists and experts, providing an eye-opening portrait of life behind bars. It shines a powerful light on the brokenness of our laws and institutions that have allowed for such large-scale incarceration while exploring how mass incarceration affects families and communities throughout America.

The film is essential viewing for anyone looking to understand more about how the US came to have such disproportionate levels of incarceration compared to other countries. It offers an important opportunity for viewers to gain insight into why mass incarceration is so deeply entrenched in American society and what can be done about it.

For those looking to expand their understanding of mass incarceration, this documentary provides an invaluable resource. By taking viewers inside our nation’s prisons, it reveals previously hidden truths about mass incarceration that will shock many viewers and challenge their perceptions about crime and punishment in America today. We urge you to watch this documetary and get informed on this critical issue facing our country today.

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David B