Oct 15, 2023 | History, Political, Videos

This award-winning documentary by Steve Cowan explores the often harsh realities of political life and the power of money in today’s society. From the intense pressure to fundraise large amounts of money in order to stay in office, to the ethical dilemmas that arise from a career in politics, this film offers an expose into the power dynamics that are all too often hidden beneath the surface.

Through interviews with experts and those who have been through it themselves, we get a unique view into just how challenging it can be for those pursuing a career in politics. As one commentator states, “everyday every US senator wakes up and thinks ‘today I have to raise $20K or at the end of the next election cycle I won’t have a job.'” This relentless pressure can create an incredibly stressful environment and leads us to question who is really governing our country, if it is not elected officials?

The film dives deep into these issues and provides insights into why politicians make certain decisions which may seem counterintuitive at first glance. It also looks at how money has become increasingly influential in both elections and governing decisions, raising questions about the nature of democracy itself. It examines these topics from a range of viewpoints and presents arguments for debate that will engage viewers from diverse perspectives.

For anyone interested in understanding more about how politics work today, this documentary is essential viewing. It shines a light on difficult topics that are often overlooked but should be discussed openly. With its compelling narrative and engaging explorations of key concepts, this film will offer insight for all audiences into what it takes to stay in political office – be prepared to be challenged!

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David B