Preppers in the USA – Emergency supplies, survival kits and bunkers

Jul 21, 2023 | Culture, Social, Videos

As the world becomes more chaotic and unpredictable, some Americans are preparing for the worst. In this documentary, journalist Ines Pohl delves deep into the world of preppers, a subculture of people who are stockpiling supplies and developing survival skills in anticipation of a major disaster.
Pohl visits a Fortitude Ranch hidden deep in a forest, where several families can take refuge for months on end. She also meets with a company that specializes in building shelters in people’s yards. Through these encounters, she discovers a shared fear among preppers: the conviction that the state will not be there to help them in times of crisis. Join Pohl on this journey into another aspect of America’s soul, where the drive to survive and protect one’s family takes on a whole new meaning.

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David B