Prehistoric Park

Jan 8, 2023 | History, Videos

Images created by the UK independent producers Impossible, multiple award-winning creators of Walking With … series, Prehistoric Park is wildlife expert Nigel Marven and his team of zoologists, since time travel to rescue some of the most impressive animals that ever roamed the earth and the journey back thousands of years to this day to be raised in a Prehistoric Park. With the help of the latest CGI technology, Prehistoric Park brings animals to life a truly unique way.

These magnificent creatures, beautiful interact with Nigel and his team in such a way that will keep viewers amazed and always fun! With an inventive combination of zoology, geology, paleontology, archaeology and travel time, Prehistoric Park features a bone rattling good time and a natural history lesson through each episode exciting.

So take a trip with Nigel’s new team in time and see how brave a strange new world to transmit these endangered creatures to a new life insurance – the Prehistoric Park!

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Riyan H.