Prehistoric Europe - Britain's 5,000 years old temple in Orkney

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When it comes to prehistoric civilization, few people point to Britain as one of the countries with traces back to Neolithic period. But drive west from Orkney’s capital Kirkwall, and north on the narrow B9055 and you will reach a single stone monolith.

Placed in 100 meters across, 21 stones lie there as the entrance to the land known as the Ness of Brodgar. Nowadays, that is the land of Scotland, where Neolithic European men built vast temple complex.

Britain’s Neil Oliver investigates the discovery in this documentary. As many people now believe, the temple is more than 5,000 years old.

For decades, British archeologists thought that the Neolithic temple is just a hill made of glacial moraine. However, that has changed in the past years, as the temple complex has size, sophistication and complexity that is without parallel in Western Europe, and among few such wonders in the world.

Neil Oliver takes you through the history of the temple, the building process, and tries to explain the science behind the temple. Bonus points go for genuine Scotland accent.

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